The chiclet keyboard matches to the overall concept. Typing proved to need a bit of getting used to due to the minimized keys, though. If you would rather have something more classic, the Wind U in Jet Black is available for you. Whilst the established rates look very promising on both the MSI Wind U’s upper and bottom side in an idle state, it unfortunately changes under continuous system load. The reproduced sound is sufficient, despite the small size, just like the device’s maximum volume.

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Thus, the measurements range between The recommended retail price of The workmanship has to be mentioned positively here, too.

Review MSI Wind U Netbook – Reviews

As for the design, the Wind U is available in two alternatives called Fancy Gold and Jet black by the manufacturer. System Noise The till now really rather acceptable impression is dimmed by following two points. Widn, the produced sound makes a rather thin and partly tinny impression. Talking about internet and mobility: There is no contorting vieo overdriving heard, even at maximum volume output.

However, if this fact is clear and the expectations in regards to performance are according, you can have fun with the MSI Wind U Desktop performance for Windows Aero. This doesn’t have to be the case, especially in idle mode, as other manufacturers’ devices have proved.


The Wind U from MSI has a 10 inch widescreen display with a reflective surface and screen size of Fancy Gold and Jet Black. All netbook users just simply have to accept this fact, or buy a notebook with more performance right away.

H160 corresponding array microphone is integrated on the display bezel’s right. The white lit MSI logo, decentered somewhat to the right on the display’s back, first really stands out in dimmed rooms. Typing needs a bit of practice and patience, though.

MSI Wind UEU – External Reviews

The single components merge nicely without leaving large gaps between the single parts. Design is balanced, workmanship is suitable.

If you can cope with these flaws, you’ll get a solid, compact and well-manufactured netbook at a fair price of about Temperature Aside from the fan characteristic, or rather fan control, the directly related temperature emissions supply reason for complaint. We can determine a whole Please share our article, every link counts! The Wind U doesn’t leave much to mi desired in terms of mobility with a construction height of only 25 millimeters and a weight of a bit more than a kilogram.

Review MSI Wind U160 Netbook

We would describe the typing feel as okay. Either in a classic black Jet Black or in a somewhat more daring brown-gold Fancy Gold. Unfortunately, the display illumination, the perpetually running fan, as well as the operating temperature under load do leave a bit to be desired. All available ports are placed on the prototype’s sides. Due to the responsive display of just eight milliseconds, stated by the manufacturer, streaks aren’t an issue for the Wind U in videos or games.


If you acquire a netbook and expect the performance of a notebook, you’ll also be disappointed by the MSI Wind U And adds a bit of fresh wind to the monotony of black, gray or even white. A consistently running fan in idle mode would very likely be a reason for exclusion, even if the determined rate is only The microphone is integrated in the display bezel. The small ten inch netbook has the most important ports that are needed for everyday use.

Our test sample is ideal for accessing the www – no matter if over hot spots, due to the integrated WLAN module, or the classic LAN cable. An equally satisfactory result is reached even under load.

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