You can control Tracking Speed and Clicking from this pane. I personally don’t like corner-scroll so I’m leaving the old driver there as well; choose the one you want. Navarro jamilnavarro wrote on That the above info appears quite complex and confusing. There are no flags and

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And this device enabled gesture support on Mac OS X and also on Windows if the required drivers are installed — see links [ 1 ], [2], ksi 6 ]. I’m very thankful if someone can explain about it. That the above info appears quite complex and confusing.

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Edge scrolling works fine for me tarckpad I configure it with either synclient or the KDE synaptiks application. On Tue, Feb 16, at 8: Do you want corner scrolling enabled? Would love to have this in ubuntu by default! The Synaptics driver can be installed as described here.

MSI Wind U100

However it would have to be permanently enabled because I can’t easily modify the Preference Pane. Borns IT- und Windows-Blog.


Any idea why it was never submitted to the upstream kernel? Fuchur fuchur wrote on I have an MSI A Do you know why, if it has not? I was able to set the Sentelic touchpad in an ASUS ZenBook UX21E to absolute positioning mode which allows side-scrolling and enable some support for multitouch by accessing register 0x90 and patching the kernel trackapd.

New Trackpad Gesture Support 4: I stupidly didn’t install the one, but simply copied it over the original one. Also, I would suggest this as an actual trakcpad, not wishlist. Nominated for Karmic by phil. I took a look at the Elantech driver source to get some ideas on how to make it work – this appears to have paid off.

Synaptic or Sentilic touchpad? Proline u (Msi wind clone) | MyBroadband

Will this bug be fixed for the next Ubuntu? I have not noticed any adverse effects.

So, to make it easier for people to get configuration of the Sentelic touchpad working, I’ve put together a tar. Numbered steps of what to do example: Hans, Thanks for everything, although it didn’t work out in the end. Well, I researched a bit further, and I came across web sites, where people wrote about experimenting with Synaptics drivers to support gestures.


Unsure how to proceed. I think you need to do the reset thing. The current status at least with driver from https: Most of the time Tracpad Lucid is able to grok it, however sometimes it goes back to ramdom jumpiness and clicks. Email me about changes to this trackpsd report.

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If you do own a Sentelic touchpad of an earlier or later version, you can help me, and the community by trying the following: There’s a new version with winv corner-scroll feature enabled. Windows 8 gesture controls … venturebeat.

This is a summary of the situation, based on a discussion I started several months ago on xorg-devel[1]. Untar the attached tar.

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