On this motherboard there is no video card installed in a slot space, but I will remember the info you taught me for future. You may be asked if you want to enable large hard drive support – you must answer yes for any drive larger than mb yes, mb, not gb. Must I take it out and put it on the other pins? They could probably help me to send my cattle dog to the moon and back to herd the cow that jumps over the moon with my old computer, if I asked them nicely. NO – at least, no way that I know of. OtheHill It is the only drive on the cable.

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You have helped me learn much since I started this thread. If the drive is accessed continuously for a huge transfer of data, that rate can be maintained for no longer than, say, two minutes, then the drive reverts to it’s max continuous data transfer rate, motyerboard is slower – e.

MSI Ms-6714 Ver 5 Socket 478 Motherboard Backplate Included

I also looked at http: For and XP, 80gb, or smaller, may be fine, minimum, say, 20gb, if you’re not greedy about what you download to or have on your computer. Make sure the bios Setup is set like this: Answered on Apr 17, OtheHill It is the only drive on the cable.

I installed it and it spins. Answered on Sep 20, Then extract the three files in the older Western Digital diagnostics download to A: Before I remove my graphics card from myhow do I get the integrated graphics of my to give me video so that I can use internet?

Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 8.

I just had an idea only now – my MSI4 has a floppy mothetboard in it! Keep in mind that you should always remove the AC power cord to the computer, or switch off the connection of the AC power source to the computer otherwise, whenever you are going to be unplugging or plugging in anything that connects to the motherblard or the power supply inside the computer case. The red line goes to the left side when looking at the connector with the notch in it to the bottom.


Please try a different diskette. You can use FAT32 software partitioning mw any size of drive if you use a third party program to do that rather than Windows and up. Interesting for me to know that an expert still uses the Maxtor PC Gameport Joystick connector pinout http: Of course, it may be hard to determine whether someone else is using the same Product Key, but the way I see it is, mx you’re not aware that someone else is using the same key, there’s nothing wrong with you using it.

When you use a third party “partition manipulation ” program to merge the data contents of two adjacent partitions on a hard drive, you are NEVER supposed to do that if both partitions have an operating system on them – it may be possible to do that, but it’s extremely likely both operating systems would not work properly in that case. You can either do that then, over the internet, or by phoning a number that connects you to an automated answering machine, or you can do that after Setup has finished, by selecting to Activate Windows in your All Programs list.

All the beep codes listed are a series of whatever and this one is just as I said, 1 beep every 4 seconds going on and on and on.

I may yet send a customized old Ford F with a super charged six cylinder because we didn’t get them with V8’s in SA engine to the moon, launched with a floppy in a floppy drive, one day – one never knows “Yes, you could try plugging in any power connector that’s the same shape and size.

Test your PSU or replace it One bad lead can cause a computer to continue on a cycle Test all leads that attach to your hard drive including electrical extensions,IDE,SATA the leads from your motherboard to your hard drive make sure they have a secure connection and are not faulty or just replace them there probably old and faulty hope this helps MSI GEM-L Usually it is detected automatically if it’s connected properly and if the bios is set to default settings. Use good lighting to examine the ram slots if the contacts on the module appear to look fine – if you see damaged or missing they were vaporized contacts, and possibly black carbon deposits and places where the plastic in the slot was melted, that ram slot can never be used again.


What you need to do if buying an drive larger than GB is to partition it so the primary partition is smaller than GB.

Drivers for MSI 845GVM-L MS-6714 motherboard (Socket 478)

You could use any of those you mentioned to clean the heads, as long as you wipe off the heads after you use them to remove any possible tiny amount of residue. So, being aware of the fact that 7. Old floppy disks often develop bad sectors on them over time. If I am the owner now of the whole MS including the brand case and the official Microsoft label that’s stuck on it, but not of the hard disk that was not in there when I was given the computer, then who is the true legal owner of the Product Key – me or the previous owner or whoever uses the Product key at present wherever they are if they are?

Download Msi GEM (ms ) Motherboard Audio, vga, Drivers | Exe Hub

Please try another search. Or you could remove the floppy motherboarv, remove it’s top cover, and clean off the heads with a Q tip or a tissue, or similar.

It also shows the max temp the drive has been exposed to if the drive’s board has a built in temp sensor drives made in about or later have that but that may not be accurate either, except for Seagate drives, only.

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