Note that the CM15A us using my cm15a device driver. I especially quickly click repeatedly on the dim buttons to dim the lights which after a short delay the light dims one level up or down, and again, and again, often within a couple of seconds, etc. If Plug and Play is desired perform then perform the task in the next paragraph then click Save and then click Close. If so, it seems it would be easy to create a cron job that could fire when a particular X10 code was received. Same problem here, tried Debian and Ubuntu.

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Other useful documentation and links Dan Suthers’ protocol. I am not sure if it was because of the test cm15a interface or the fact that template number had been used cm51a another device prior to the addition of the cm15a template. If my system had been setup with the HID module loaded the cm15a would have been usbhid instead.

This is a common cause of problems with using my device drivers. I am not sure if the developer that created the controller package vm15a updated his efforts here. For other operating systems you’ll have to do further investigation. I do know that the version shipped with HS3.

CM15A – LinuxMCE

The encoding format for these codes is as follows:. Submitted a bug report today and I received the following reply: Take that one step further and F2 could be J 3. When querying status, the status is just a return value from the command.


Make sure that you do not connect your cm15a during the installation process since you will need to correct the template lknux before the cm15a is fm15a. The RF command seems to break the ‘ID, count, type, data’ format and appear to use a different format. This worked for me so hope it helps. Now within the iPHC directory you should see three sub-directories and a bunch of php files.

I will continue to host this tutorial on my website for anyone that wants to set it up as such.

I would take the route that zathras suggested. At this point either a quick reload router can be done and then set up the device manually or a little bit more can be done to the device template to make the CM15A plug and play.

Guide: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux

I’ll second Neil’s plea. This is also true of the CSS which I’ve taken a few short cuts with. And what about the group USB? Sometimes there is a delay from when I click button, to the time that the light goes on.

The default location for the Apache file-tree on my Ubuntu installation was found here:. Also why not just contact them on the phone or email them directly instead of trying to move it through the phone. Thanks ccm15a noting that!



Holy smokes it worked! It appears not to have the problem that the CM11A did of a dangling communication cable sending arbitrary X10 codes.

This will install the interface code on your installation. The following was posted by “X10 Pro” on the X10 Activehome Pro forums, giving the Ok to post lunux stuff on this website. I am also using Ubuntu Navigate in your Terminal to the directory that contains your extracted compatibility layer files. And again, you should notice another set of files and directories that contain the source files.

X10 CM15A – interface Communication Documentation

Code combination is configured thus: I’m growing tired of not getting any info but I need to support the community so my main efforts are going into developing around other PLCs. There are lots on linux users that are waiting expectantly for the cm15a drivers.

It works well except for the latency of 3 to 5 seconds.

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