Although technically speaking, a single item of data should be called a datum; the term data commonly is used and accepted as both the singular and plural form of the word. Interface see all Interface. Logitech 10 Personal Digital Pen. Pagination for search results. One interesting new feature of Tablet PC is the pen input system. Many input devices use an electronic pen instead of keyboard or mouse for input. Keyboard such as these are called ergonomic is to incorporate comfort, efficiency, and safety into the design of items in the workplace.

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Joystick manufacturers have kept pace with the explosion of software, providing a variety of input devices designed to make your armchair experiences closer to the reality trackballl maneuvering a jet fighter or racecar.

Show only see all Show only. The Joystick properties window will open.

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Faqs On Joysticks Provides information on calibrating joysticks, along with programming and connecting this device. Number of Buttons see all Number of Buttons. The ball mechanism in a larger trackball is about the size of a Ping-Pong ball; some mouse devices also have a small trackball about the size of a marble. A typical laptop computer keyboard, for example, has only 85 keys, compared to the keys on most desktop computer keyboard.


Called the Dvorak keyboard pronounced de-vor-zhak. However, it can be useful for quickly capturing text. In windows98, for example, if you point to the start button on the taskbar and then press, or click, the primary mouse button, the start menu displays on the screen.

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All Tablet PC computers have a digitizer beneath the screen that accepts pen input. The higher each number, the better quality, but the more expensive the camera.

At the center of the cylinder is a sensor that splits light bounced from the document into three beams. Microtel’s Scan maker flatbed scanner.

The most expensive and highest quality of the three, studio camera. Turn off email alerts.

QTronix Libra 90 Trackball, Black – Wired USB or PS/2

Some users opt for alternative pointing devices other than a mouse, such as trackball. In fact, this article will focus on the technology as it relates to flatbed scanners.

DPI see all Max.

From the Settings menu, left-click Control Panel. A computer manipulates and tracbkall data into information, which is useful. Some joysticks also have additional buttons that you can set to perform other actions.

For example, and projecting into it, is another alternative approach to prototyping a digital whiteboard. Pagination for search results.


As you move the mouse across a flat surface such as a desktop, the pointer on the screen also moves. Based on your response, the program performs certain actions. A keyboard with an alternative layout was designed to improve typing speed. Each of these input devices is discussed in the following pages.

Offers links to a full line of PC, Macintosh, and 3DO systems joysticks, throttles, F sticks, rudder pedals, flight yokes, game cards, and trackballs, all manufactured and designed by CH products. Typing keywords or pressing special keys on the keyboard can issue commands.

Keyboard such as these are called ergonomic is to incorporate comfort, efficiency, and safety into the design of items in the workplace. A joystick tracbkall a vertical lever mounted on a base Figure This page was last updated: Color see all Color.

libea This type of scanner typically does not provide good image quality. Scanners have become an important part of the home office over the last few years.

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