Ikon Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Brand isnt as important as chipset. You can add a cable for a few bucks if you go with a card that doesn’t bundle one. It comes with Ulead Video 5. Networking by Aloysius Low Oct 4,

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I am plenty familiar with dvd2svcd, I’ve been using 5822v2 sucessesfully for some time now. Phones by Shara Tibken Oct 25, In looking around New Egg, these two caught my eye. Mobile by Morgan Little Oct 26, Brand isnt as important as chipset.

I caputure it on a rpm 40GB and it has 0 582v22 frames. If the picture is correct it uses one of the better chips. Sat Aug 28, 8: Get a 4-terabyte USB 3.

Looks for a TI chipset. Networking by Shara Tibken Oct 22, Video Games by Lori Grunin 10 days ago.

I bought a few Western Digital cards based on the Ti chipset a year or two ago for ke. FYI, cards with vertically-stacked connectors are a tight fit, so be sure to plug in a USB or firewire cord before you screw the card in, to ensure you have enough room between the PCI slot guides.


Kouwell KW-582V2/ PCI FireWire řadič/ 3+1 1394a port/ TI chipset/ Kabel/ IVideo/ SW

Wed Aug 25, 4: If she doesn’t want internal headers, then your first link should be fine. Firewire PCI Card 14 posts. Does her cam even support b? Sat Aug 28, 3: I didn’t need drivers at all, as I recall.

Sat Aug 28, 5: If you want a more powerful but free editing software try looking through AVID’s site. Aviva Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Feb 16, Posts: They have a free stripped down editor.

Koutech PCI to Firewire IEEE 3+1 Ports Adapter Card Retail

Her camera is not b, but I was thinking it might be nice to have for ke future use, but to tell the truth, I’m not sure it would ever be used. Thought it really doesn’t matter. I called in sick today woke up at 2pm so for the next 6 or so hours I’m going to do video capturing and benchmarks, etc. If that card is as pictured, it has a TI chipset. My question is, is there anything wrong with the Koutech brand?


In farm country, forget broadband. Hope you didn’t try install DirectX8 that comes on the cd. Should be released shortly. Wed Sep 01, 1: Asus has built a fast router with something for everyone Asus has built a fast router with something for everyone by Dan Dziedzic.

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