Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. When will people stop making asinine statements like that? There is a new version of the driver that was released at about the same time as Ubuntu Email me about changes to this bug report. See the Kubuntu I encountered this bug when doing an installation of ubuntu alternate amd64 from a USB stick. Currently downloading ubuntu

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Great to see that!

Did kubunyu see the card model? Originally posted by tunix Unfortunately that failed with error message “DKMS part of installation failed. KDE Plasma support Package: What are the mount options you’re using for this CD?

To fully replace a Windows desktop, I want the Kubuntu desktop to have the following software installed:.

It can be installed from ppa as in my answer. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Amd driver (fglrx) for ubuntu LTS – Ask Ubuntu

This tutorial exists for these OS versions Kubuntu I’m not sure the exact model as there are 3 different types listed in the manual depending upon the exact model, but that was enough information. Last edited by Serious. Log in to the desktop with the username and password you provided during the installation:. Raven View Profile View Posts.


I knew it was a good idea to hang in there and wait for an update rather than sell or swap. When this shader is compiled and our code queries the size of the array GL returns 6, which is correct.

For more details see the Plasma 4. There are several afi methods listed on this web page.

The Perfect Desktop – Kubuntu

All of them share the same uniform array of parameters, which looks like this: Have you tried any? See the Kubuntu Click on Restart Now:. I liked Mint except for two things. Data ubuntuaddress wrote on Post as a guest Name.

This is a text based installer instead of the graphical installer used by the desktop versions. More details on Muon 1.

112.04 believe so much information is already available on the internet that most people understand the basic concepts of OS and can research such issues before installing linux. It can be an alternative to Windows but not a true replacement.


Type in your real name, your desired username along with a password, and click on Forward:.


So far this has not gone particularly smoothly, and in fact it was to get much worse before it gets kubhntu. And I’m still using Catalyst Thanks developers, I have been wanting to finish the game since I swithced to this laptop without the Ion card.

No more screen freezing now. It turns out it was the latter

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