For example, the universal controller can control the driving functions of the remote controlled car and also the PC driving game Implementations of the input accelerator device and system and techniques for the device described herein may include various combinations of the following features. For example, in District of Columbia Metro Subway System, every terminal is smartcard enabled and people can pay for their subway rides by waving their wallet containing a prepaid smartcard in front of a grounded receptor. In one aspect, an accessory device as describe in FIGS. In other implementations, other sensors as described above may be utilized depending upon the user age and application categories to be covered.

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For example, the data related to the gaming experience of the remote controlled slot car can be transferred to the PC racing game As described in a co-pending U. Next, atdata related to the first gaming device is collected.

The input controllerwhich may include one or more processors, receives the one or more electrical signals and converts them into input signals which are transmitted to the hand-held host device via communication link connecting the communication interface of the input accelerator device with the communication interface of the hand-held host device Toy vehicle with on-board electronics.

The input signals are received and used by the hand-held host device to map and remap the input elements in the front input assemblythe rear input assembly and the side input assembly to one or more software functions of a software application running on the vibgation hand-held device Atinput functions of the first gaming device are controlled.


Universal controller for toys and games – Zeemote Technology Inc.

In some implementations, the processor can perform the functions of the data collection unit and vice versa. Hand held remote control device having an improved user interface.


The input elements of the input assembly unit on the universal controller are selectively mapped to game functions related to the selected game application. Methods and systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata. Specifically, when an input element is actuated, one or more electrical signals are produced, which are received and interpreted by the input controller By using the fingers and thumb in concert, the number of taps and time needed to accomplish a given function is reduced, the accuracy is improved, and the natural programming inherent in the human hand replaces the training required for other systems.

And in response to the execution of the software or software application by the signal transmitted from the input accelerator device, mapping and remapping procedures are performed. For example, the optional processor determines the most efficient computing resource allocation based on the number of applications already running on the gaming device and The universal controller of claim 6, wherein the data on the performance of the first gaming device is used to customize the gaming experience of the second gaming device.

While the game play may be similar among the different platforms of games and video games e. The universal controller of claim yamer, wherein the video game comprises a video game representation of the first gaming device.

The input accelerator device further may include a read only memory ROM or other static storage device coupled to bus for storing static information and instructions for processor In such implementations, the collected data is transferred from virbation gaming device to the universal controller The accessory device can interface with a hand-held host device such as a mobile phone, an ipod, an MP3 player, a PDA, etc.

The data can be transferred between the universal controller and the gaming devices and using the communication channels and Based on the obtained system properties of the one or more gaming devices, a proper format for desired data to be transferred to the one or more gaming devices are chosen at A SumoBrain Solutions Company.


Data related to the host gaming devices includes data that correlates to the gaming experience for each of the host gaming devices. The input or selection elements of the side input assembly can also be implemented to effect shifting between modes. For an implementation with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the pseudo code for establishing a data connection with a gaming device may be as follows: For software downloads for any Microsoft mouse, keyboard, webcam, headset or other For software and drivers, select your product from the list below.

In some implementations, this can be accomplished by initiating a conventional Bluetooth communication link. The user can easily switch from controlling one gaming device to another easily just by selecting the desired gaming device from a list of gaming devices that may be displayed on a screen or LCD disposed on the input accelerator device.

In some implementations, the optional processor e. Multimedia method and system for interaction between a screen-based host and various distributed and free-styled information containing items, and an information containing item for use with such system. The gaming device includes a game processora communication channeland an optional game storage unit The input assembly unit is designed substantially similar to the input assemblies described with respect to FIGS.

In some implementations, a video game with characters e.

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