Unfortunately, although it claims to be a 30fps camera, the actual frame rate of the live video output seems significantly lower than that — with a noticeable blurring and delay as well. Took a short flight with it Image flipped for obvious reasons. Transcend P8 in-1 USB 2. OMG the world just ended There seams to be allot of info about how to “Use” the product I tried the card in my phone and it works just fine. HD Wing Cameera xp

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Hobbyking HD wing cam?

So far so good. Files View all Files in thread.

I have to say that I was a bit worried after reading some comments about this camera but this far I can’t say that I agree with those comments. DutchRCJul 21, Feb 13, The only real protection offered for the rest of the camera is a hobbkying of clear heatshrink.

It often refers to symbols on the case, and to features that are not available on the uncased model laser pointer, for example.

HD Wing 1280x720p Caméra 30fps 5MP CMOS

To Power on, push and hold for a second or two you will see a dim blue LED light come on. Any opinions on this? Build your own radio gear? Although the video is slow and skips frames Why not just put a “live out” -function? Anybody know how to set one of these up? It’s cheap but can it really stack up against other glow engines in the.


The “Wing Camera” is somewhat of a disappointment in this area. There is also a pdf manual for a camera that does not look the same as this one but I think it is the same inside. Do you wanna axe me a question before you buy one? Send a private message to magwie. One of the thing that has made the keychain cameras and GoPro so valuable to model-fliers is their toughness. There is also camwra pdf manual for a camera that does not look the same as this one but I think it is the same inside.

This mode is initialized when the AV cable is plugged in and camerq used for setup.

Remember Me Forgot Password? We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The lens is somewhat wider angle than the keychain camea but not as wide as the GoPro HD, although a good degree of barrel distortion typical of very wide-angle lenses is apparent. You must log in or sign up to reply here. ArgonathJul 21, The Good Oil Important facts hobbyknig should know about the oils that are used in our model engine fuels.


Now HobbyKing have a new offering that, at first glance, winb those HD keychain cameras, while adding some interesting new features. Documentation and ease of use The camera is controlled by three tactile press-button switches soldered directly to the circuit board. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

GreyJul 21, My knowledge those things is not that good that I start to do to heavy modifications on my own. Press and hold to reset the camera completely. The Chinese are now churning out a huge number of very reasonably priced no-name servos.

Push once after the camera is initialized, the blue led will switch. Try to push and hold the reset button for a few seconds.

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