If the subject is, a user who wants to become a curator and the corresponding Requirements for candidates He can apply for in the subject line I want to be curator After having studied the cap threads and all the materials for supervisors. They have a website only such Settings. We go further, we will talk about the internal device of both models. It is forbidden to discuss issues related to the selection of devices for specific users or for specific needs – for this there is a section Selection and Comparison. It is not about the actual reliability, nobody allowed to go by machine by phones to me, and it is rather about its reliability tactile, at the level of feelings. Any manager of tasks periodically nailed – 2 days living strictly, with the Internet, calls, sms.

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Big brother holds you by the balls, this is the feeling. And the last point — In Use. We strongly encourage you to read Rules section “Android – device” New themes should be created only root partition! If everything above-written interested — welcome under kat. Highscreen Cosmo Duo — a little more highsdreen fittings, more powerful accumulator, qualitative materials of the body. I can not put the driver, or rather it is put, but with an error, the body does not connect to the computer via a USB cable, the following is written in the driver’s properties: And I think that he is not worth this money with constant glitches.


In Gigabyte the branded round grid of the loudspeaker and the round button under the screen in the middle is evident at once. In the future, they will be processed by moderators. And they want to get a credit card number for purchases in the market. For the others is just my personal assessment of two similar devices based on the Android.

Android disappointed, from the “hundreds of thousands” of programs in the market, highscredn useful units: Post has been edited – Serge – – We take both phones in hand and … Here interesting tactile transformations begin.

In my opinion, Microsoft, still somewhat more responsive to their users.

Highscreen Cosmo DUO – Talk –

I very much doubt about Microsoft’s responsibility: In G it is just physical key executing in the Android function … they are ladies and, just the menu function for which there is a touch key over the physical block as it is. Ergonomic as it is accepted to speak. The old prapor I incline to what is good.

Can tell what keys to pin to make a hard reset on highscreen? In general, as it was possible to understand from material, Cosmo Duo was pleasant to me more than A Gigabyte, first of all the visible reliability.

The text is expected rather those who on work or on other reasons need to use two highscren cards, first of all. It is forbidden to create messages that do not carry useful information flood. The materials used in hkghscreen device cheap, the thin cover of a battery compartment squeaks, take the device in a hand — all charm instantly vanishes.


In this case, Win hifhscreen x Ceases to respond to pressing the upper button, if you wait 10 seconds – the device wakes up, as if nothing had happened. Once again, the sound came off: Delov something to turn off the digital signature verification driver when the system boots. Gigabyte GSmart G — weaker stuffing, the weak accumulator, unsuccessful design. Concerning quality of acceptance — strangely enough, here wins G From 6 to 6 rub according to Yandex.

Development and creation of sites on CMS Joomla.

Phones by Highscreen

It is forbidden to place buy and sell classifieds anything. From 6 to 7 hiyhscreen according to Yandex. If you have less than 15 messages, you can say “thank you” by clicking the “complaint” button and informing the moderator who helped you. Here it has several pluses before the competitor and about them — below.

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