I guess the doc page needs updating. I marked the response of warrieka as a solution – unfortunately I can not mark two answers as the solution. Start code refactoring of libopencad codebase for production level. I tried OSGeo4W package. It only stores some info about presented layers, and header variables. Note that the DWGdirect library is not open source, though the license terms are not terribly draconian. Windows build, fixes of various problems mentioned in PR.

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Start adding DWG R formats support to libopencad. Raster subdatasets are also supported. I found a message from Frank stating that it is not well supported http: Fix windows, try to fix travis build. The project separated into 2 parts: Hi, Andreas Neumann wrote: Raster subdatasets are also supported.

OSGeo GDAL DWG support – – Google Summer of Code Archive

Write google tests for file opening errors handling, reading geometries of each type. Thanks for your answer.

July 31 – August 7: Jan, As far as I know the situation is essentially the same, but the unmaintained bindings are likely further decayed over time. Add all the links hopefully permanent to access the relevant code and documentation for the user to get started with testing your application.


Both of these solutions are possible, but I’m sure would require some extra programming. Complete python tests, testing driver with QGIS, code refactoring. Library can be used by itself for any reason.

Meaningful layers – 0: Not everything that libopencad can read from file is mapped into OGR infrastructure, but it will be done in near future.

The driver should support some options, i. When parsing the file, library does not store any information it does not need. In reply to this post by Andreas Neumann Hi, I believe it also writes: With some guidance something could likely be done.


Email Required, but never shown. And I do not have ArcView, nor Windows, available.

Working on last week tasks. At the moment I am calling the GDAL utilities with exec-calls, but that is not really optimal, of course.

Start code refactoring of libopencad codebase for production level. Pull request to GDAL-trunk was opened. The teiga converter can work recurse trough folders, so flag the checkbox recurse folder and just point to the top folder where your dwg’s are stored and write them to an output folder.


DWG_driver – GDAL

If you or someone else would have some money for improvements it would help as well. Powered by Trac 1.

Frank Warmerdam 1, 8 9. Search everywhere only in this topic.

July 23 – Thickness and dash-dot styles needs LineType information libopencad doesnot read it. Sometimes it will be slower than having everything you have read in cache, gsal gives you more flexibility what you want to store in memory, and what you wont. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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