I have also tried by running the set-up program pV2r Edrick Premium Member Sep 4: Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? There are both USB and Parallel on the back of the unit. Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy

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Edrick Premium Member Sep Change directories to WIN I was hoping to see if there were unpublished drivers. When I specify a driver eltdon it just says it can’t find the driver.

Anyone have experience with the printer having the wrong firmware? I do not however have a parallel cable just a USB one. Though if I had that Do you happen to know anything about the programmers reference? I checked through the very limited notes I have and couldn’t see whether we’d tried them under Win 7 or not. Windows update can’t deliver a driver for this, XP SP3 does not include support for it, and the driver from Zebra does not include it. I checked through the service tech manual p10c it doesn’t have a section for “Idiot who updated printer to wrong firmware and now needs to downgrade” it did refer to the Programmers Manual to send commands to the printer.


I was checking FleaBay which is where I got the printer for some busted ones, but no dice. Install the Port Monitor. I even tried if I can access eltton via FTP and all but one directory is locked off. Windows XP,NT 4. The ribbons are a pain in the ass, if you try to use un-chipped ribbons it can lead to odd things like yellow outlines. Usually this would be a time for cursing at the printer but crap happens. Choose the Port eltroh want to print from.

Install the Port Monitor.

Install the USB Driver. Click the Next button. Go to the Start button on the taskbar.


Good luck finding someone with experience with that specific scenario, if there is a place where it exists it is here! From what I’ve read and even on Zebras site it says you can downgrade the firmware on their printers.

I have several of those printers in service, and plenty of experience cursing them out in many languages, but I haven’t managed to install the wrong firmware yet. I went from at least being able to print a test card and talk to the printer along with being able to print out at least a yellow outline printer thought it was a monocrome driver to bupkis now as the printer spins the wheels in the wrong direction.


At the Digital Signature Not Found window, click yes to continue with the installation. Thanks Also why must google be full of crap results of fake websites offering fake drivers or fake dltron jeez.

Ithaca receipt printers I could probably help with, but we’ve always gotten along with the Eltrons just dumping output ID card or whatever to a PDF and printing from there.

Zebra PC – Can’t get the USB working with XP | PC Review

Did you follow zebras install instructions? Unfortunately it seems upgrading croaked it. Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski.

Edrick Premium Member Sep 8: Connect the printer to the computer via the USB port Windows will detect new hardware. But I can’t seem to find a copy of that manual to see if it might have any help. Make sure the printer is setup correctly.

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