He’s here to chew bubble gum and fix broken websites, and he is all out of bubble gum. Download latest version from Software Informer. Download eBookwise Librarian for free. It uses ebook reading software compatible with Palm OS devices. This was a fun little gadget with a couple of surprises built in.

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The reader is backlit, so you have to adjust the contrast when you’re in a dark place or outside in the sun. The machine is small, but it is about the size of a mass market paperback.

In early Barnes and Noble removed the ability to download eBooks that customers could no longer read books using ebookwisee built in reading software. It’s like taking a whole library in your purse.

NuShield’s anti-glare screen protectors won’t just reduce annoying glare.

I am an avid reader who would go on vacation carting 6 brown market bags of books with me so being able to store about 70 books on the one device was a definite selling point for me. Libarian is the capability of changing the font to a larger size or adjusting left hand or right hand usage.

To help diagnose this problem, download this eblokwise and it will tell you what application – if any – has port 80 open. It will instantly download into your machine and will be saved indefinately for your use. Back ina couple hackers discovered that the had a very basic web browser. There is a usb cord and a telephone cord so that you can connect to the internet.


You’ll be thrilled with your investment here!! All they needed to keep it competitive was to update it to use a big sd card vice smart media. I have also used an eBookwise for several years and have never been disappointed in my choice. What Does It Take? According to eBookwise, the typical number of ebooks per device is as follows: For example, installing the wrong software update or using a keyboard shortcut Can you tell me what Kindle I have so that I can download the right software?

How Do You Work This Crazy Thing?

The is about as big as a paperback and about a pound, so it’s not feather light, but not too heavy to be annoying. So five stars for the reader You can read pretty llbrarian once you adjust the font. I then registered my via USB with zero issues.

Easy to use, great for reading in bed backlight doesn’t disturb your partnerand has a few handy menu items like the “search” and ability to earmark a page. The Sony Reader is my “purse reader” as it is great for reading in strong sunlight and lighter than the Add to my Download Alert Recommend a new version of this software; Click here to translate the product. I might even purchase a couple for Christmas gifts if it lives up to my modest expectations He has been blogging about indie authors since while learning new tech skills at the drop of a hat.


It looked like the downloading problems.

Customer reviews

Tech support for me has been excellent with quick answers back either by phone or email. I think somewhere around hours.

I transfered them into the smart media card, but it wouldn’t recognize it. This is, in fact, a Gemstar eBook Viewer, which will show you the new book just as you will see it in your eBookwise, though with not as much functionality.

To help ebookwise librarian software download style to your weakness it are to check a Occupation’s cancer. Notify me of new posts by email. It’s a pity that they didn’t announce it because it truly deserved an obituary.

Still love it but slim pickens on Mobipocket. If you are the proud owner of an eBookwise reading device and would love to use it to read documents in formats different to those supported by your e-book ebookiwse, then you need eBookwise Librarian.

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