When you want the data to be updated, these queries will be called. While database-specific components give great flexibility, they don’t result in portable code. The BDP is a regular managed. How do I connect the database from Delphi XE2? As you might expect by now, the process for setting up the DB2DataAdapter is similar: An example is to return a chunk of records from a table ready to display on a Web page:.

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What is the diference between “dbExpress” and an ADO connection? NET classes and interfaces can do for us. You can even store this string in a resource file and db to it at runtime.

This powerful object manages a local cache of data that’s been retrieved from a database with a DbDataAdapter object. Create nil ; Dbexprese String to a DB2Type. For example, the DB2Connection component includes an additional method that can be used to force connection pool resources to be released.

Create a Reusable Component to Connect Delphi 7 to DB2 with dbExpress

Following the C code fragment. But this is what I am concerned about. Dbexpress connect to Db2 strange error [Edit]. First, you should declare the parameters in the same order that they’re declared in the stored procedure. Build and registration were successfully. Secondly, you need to explicitly cast the parameters to the particular underlying data type that’s expected by the server. Each of these components has a basic set of dbexprfss, methods, and events that is the same: NET is that it’s eb2 easy to create database access logic through program code.


Note that the host name is embedded in the connection string for this particular driver. The code rb2 will all dbexprsss C. Here is an example of parameters, which calls a DB2 stored procedure to return the full name from a database, given an email address.

It mostly works fine. We create the connection, create a command, then create two BdpParameter objects and add them to the command object. Regards, Beverly Beverly, First of all, what database server are you using?

Download dotConnect for DB2

This isn’t exhaustive, and is naturally simplified, but it dbexprwss help you see where to start. A database with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or it is located on UNC share. I have my database attached in SQL Server Management Studio Express and have updated my connection string in my webconfig so I can access the database when testing on my local host. What is the best?


The trick is accomplished through interfaces that define the database-specific classes. NET dbdxpress provider, with a difference. However, as we’ve seen, retrieving result sets is easier with ADO. This example uses the BDP. Your answer or idea to this error message will be a great help to me.

However, under the surface the TClientDataSet is very different. NET is a rich, sophisticated database access library.

NET, we use a specialized variant of the data access component for each database server. The first article shows how to connect the BDP components visually to create a simple user interface.

Each of those queries is stored in a DbCommand object, so if you want to handle updates, you’ll need to create four queries, each of which is parameterized-quite a handful. NET Framework data types, the DbDataAdapter object comes in different flavors depending on the database server that’s being used.

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