I also had to set the Account Name and Password. Thank you for your interest in this question. It seemed to operated at 2G speeds or lesser. Alien Encounters Alien Encounters. Select your Interface and set your Service Name like this, then select Create:. Sniper — Bulletproof Sniper — Bulletproof. Decathlon — Christmas Decathlon — Christmas.

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Then select Advanced Set Vendor: Still wouldn’t trust it as far as I could spit it. If you don’t want to use it, well it’s up to you, I just shared with people with this type of problem what ZTE shared with me. Avfa you see your USB connection on the left side go to step 5. Hunting Hitler Hunting Hitler.

Nivea Suntouch Nivea Suntouch. Alien Encounters Alien Encounters. Adidas — President Adidas — President. If you can identify which product you have form the information modemm this site, or perhaps avsa your System Report from the Apple menu select ‘About this Mac’ then click on System Report from the resulting window, then click on USB form the Hardware section, and you might get some useful information there avout your device – make sure of course that it is plugged in first then you can go about making sure you have the latest software installed for the device.


Any Solution and Advise would be welcome.

macos – ZTE USB Modem not working in Yosemite – Ask Different

Qatar Qatar Beach Eats Beach Eats. The Light on the dongle which would earlier blink Blue colour was now blinking Green Colour. Mountain king — music video Mountain king — music video.

Yes, as I said in the first message, it is a update package for Windows, which also updates it for Yosemite. Reebok — Roddick Reebok — Roddick. Sniper — Bulletproof Sniper — Bulletproof. Account Name and Password must be blank. Adidas — the Difference Adidas — the Difference. The web pages would hardly open.

Spark Film Collective

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Alcro Pashmina Alcro Pashmina.

Select your Interface and set your Service Name like this, then select Create: Gustav — Mockumentary Gustav — Mockumentary. Vodafone — Yonderboi Vodafone — Yonderboi.

The same website provides software and documentation downloads.


Avea Drivers and Software – Safe Program

LeBron James and Adriana Lima. Apart from the fact the linked file looks like a zipped exe, I wouldn’t trust any unknown source.

Normally all hardware company’s upgrade their drivers when any new major OS is released. Thank you for your interest in this question.

How can I get the hardware to work with Moem God Proving God. Reebok — Iverson Reebok — Iverson. I’ve been mobik contact with ZTE for a couple of weeks and yesterday they sent me a Beta update package for Windows, this however updated the modem to work with Yosemite as well, so if you have a virtual desktop or a PC with windows at home, feel free to update the modem with this file.

I’ve not checked whether their software downloads include support for Yosemite.

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