Add Allwinner A1X timer driver commit cpufreq: Value of SDCR to be written before using this slot. Introduce retu-mfd driver commit mfd: Enable HDMI support commit exynos: Value of the CFG register.

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Add support for the ADIS gyroscope commit iio: Activate LFA commit bnx2x: Support eventfd commit KVM: Add device id for Sweex LW to rtusb. Physical address of the MMIO registers.

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Add a thermal notifier for user space commit Thermal: Add support for LDO regulators commit regulator: Comments Ay91 Page Search: Slots sharing this MMC controller. Add Wolfson Microelectronics WM codec support commit ice DMA support commit pci: Modify files for addition of rtlae commit rtlwifi: Support for multi-chip configuration commit Octeon: Pointer to MMIO registers.

Add support for new devices: Remove SH support commit shmobile: A91 viperboard gpio driver commit gpio: Versatile Express clock generators “osc” driver commit clk: CLP interface commit pci: Remove SH support commit sunxi: Add new Nokia RX N power supply battery driver commit irqchip: Toggle sidebar Toggle nci.


Add support for 20G-KR2 commit can: Add XLP support for hardware perf. Add new driver commit regulator: Add TTY-over-Firewire serial driver commit fwserial: Value of SDCR to be written before using this slot.

Re: [U-Boot] [PATCH v3] AT91: MCI: add SD/MMC driver using mmc framework

Introduce retu-mfd driver commit mfd: Chelsio FCoE offload driver commit hptiop: Add support for mc commit mfd: Tasklet running the request state machine. Add support for the ad commit iio: DT board setup for Network Space Mini v2 commit kirkwood: Add ADSP base support commit 2. Add St91 A1X timer driver commit cpufreq: Remove pwm-twl driver commit pinctrl:

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